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MY top 10 Wellness Essentials as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

As a deep passionate lover of health, wellness and beauty, as well as being a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I try to live each day supported my top 10 pillars that sustain me in good days, in bad days and in whatever period of my life I find myself in. They are my non-negotiable to sustain my energy, joy and overall wellness.

I consider these 10 tips as cornerstones of my interior and exterior radiance and health.

They are also extremely precious supporters of our longevity and happiness.

As an Integrative Nutrition expert, I work with almost all of my clients to determine the best health regimen for them as far nutrition, spirituality, love sharing and beauty. The reality is that many people don't start to look at their healthy routines until they reach a milestone, whether it’s a starting symptom or illness.

Here are my top supporters that I share with you, keeping in mind that for each of my daily regimes (nutrition, supplements, beauty, movement, spirituality) I really try to keep it simple and listen to my body and emotional needs that change over the time, seasons and the moment that I find myself in.

Here are my TOP wellness and beauty essentials—the things I do EVERYDAY and that have made the most impact on my energy, beauty and well-being:

1. Meditate and grounding exercise every day first thing in the morning and evening. I could open a too long topic here, by now I just say that this is my golden sustainment, my most precious tool that makes me stay present in what I do and where I am. It helps me to see things under different prospective and allows me to take a space inside where some fresh air is always present. It allows me to reconnect to myself and to have the tools to be able to live a space between me and the things that happen ( react vs respond. I will talk about it many many other times…)

2. Live according to my Bio-Individuality as far as all the aspects of my health: nutrition, exercise, relationships, tastes, spirituality, and more. I try to listen to what my system asks, what better fits my health and my joy. What best nurture the way I am, considering also the way that I am today, which is different than yesterday from what it will be tomorrow)

3. Eat at least once a day oily seeds and nuts, my favorites: flax-chia-sunflower seeds, walnuts, pecans and brasilin nuts. First I love their taste and texture, second they are so rich of everything, so dense of nutrients that our a daily rejuvenation program. Just to name few of their benefits: high levels of Minerals (zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, copper) VIT E and B6, Minerals like Zinc inflammatory properties, healthy fats and antioxidants.

4. Get my daily dose of antioxidants somehow- one of these is ok: green tea, red beets, Red wine (I love it so much..), red fruits especially blueberries and raspberries, dark chocolate, acai powder, adzuki beans, aronia berries, Kale, red cabbage, beans, spinach.

5 Talk to at least one friend each day. When a call is “too much time today, I can’t”, even a text is something. I don’t live anymore a day without hearing from a friend.

6 At the end of each day: I make grateful list (not necessary written. I actually make it more often in my mind) and then I add an extra bonus: I think to one thing that I’ve learnt even if it’s just one little small thing that yesterday I didn’t know and today do.

7 Prioritize sleep. Sleep is one of the most secret anti-aging tools we have. Besides, this phase is important to digest all the information and emotions of the day that otherwise remain stuck in our body and block our energy and well-being. It is also vital for the good the function of our hormones. At the moment I have been working a lot and I am reducing significantly my sleeping time (which is usually 8 hours). As a consequence I decreased my exercise activity, my skin is much less bright and my body is telling me that it requires its night resting time back. This is to say that our health is a correlation of factors that are all catalysts one for the other and they play all together.

8 Move my body somehow. Every day I try to do exercises and even if I can’t I move my body somehow. This is literally essential for my entire being. It is my way to let out the extra energy that I have, to create fluidity and good circulation in my body, not only in the physical sense but also on the emotional level. On the physical side the when I feel stronger and more flexible thanks to the exercise it has extreme impacts on my mind’s strength as well.

9 Laugh everyday at least once: even when you have terrible days or challenging and tough period of your life, find one funny thing that happened today ( and trust me, every single day something odd happens!) and make 5 seconds smile and a loud laugh inside)

10.Limit my sugar (especially refined sugar) intake. This is not a fad diet or a way to say. The daily sugar intake has science proof tremendous impact on our hormones and many many others bio-chemical functions in our body.

If you want to experiment one of these I am sure you’ll be amazed at how this simple they are compare to the powerful benefits that they give.

Do you have any favorite self-care rituals? I would love to hear them.

Please share them in the comments below to inspire the others and to enjoy of the powerful benefits that open your heart has.

I am truly grateful that you are here and I am sending you my most positive energy for now and the rest of week!

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